essay on climate change in 250 words| climate change essay for students

essay on climate change in 250 words

Climate is the weather conditions prevailing in a region over a long
time, mostly over centuries. It includes the periodic variations in
temperature, rainfall, humidity, and wind movement of the region. With the
gradual but continuous transformation of the earth, changes in the climatic
conditions are also observed. Though Climate change is caused mostly by
humanitarian reasons. Nature also plays a significant role here. Climate
changes significantly disturb the environmental balance and affect lives on

climate change can be detected only after a certain period.The changes are reflected in the
ecosystems of the earth. It is observed that the global temperature is
significantly rising. In fact, climate change has become indistinguishable (আলাদা করা যায় না এমন) from global warming. The elevated temperature is causing the ice cover in
the polar regions of the earth to melt. The melting of ice is causing a rise in
sea levels. The rise in water level is bringing abrupt rainfall, floods, and
overflow. This effect is so dangerous that it is predicted that most of the
low-lying lands would go underwater in the coming decades.

On the other hand, temperatures in the deserts are increasing so fast.
wildfires have become very common affairs. Natural calamities are becoming
more severe than ever. The extreme conditions have resulted in the
extinction of various wild species. Many other plants, animals, birds, and
insects are on the verge of extinction. Agriculture is greatly affected.
Environmental imbalance and harmful solar radiation are also causing diseases like cancer in humans. These are indications of disturbed harmony between life and nature.

The factors for climate change can be both natural and human induced(প্ররোচক). The earth is continually evolving but at a very slow and unnoticeable rate. From a hot fireball passing through an ice age, the earth reached its current moderate condition in billions of years. It is still evolving, and gradually the temperature is rising again. Besides, volcanic eruptions
are responsible for drastic climate change. The ashes and gases produced
during volcanic eruptions form sulfate aerosols which reflect sunlight and
block its path to the earth. Thus, the cooling effect can influence the
weather patterns for years. In addition, ocean current, solar variations, and
internal variability like the Arctic oscillation induce changes in climatic

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The natural reasons for climate change are very slow-paced. Human
reasons accelerate the shift in climate. The advancements in human
civilization come with several harmful side effects. Deforestation is the most
important factor among them. For urbanization and meeting the needs of
shelter and other infrastructures for the increasing population, we are
clearing forests and substituting agricultural lands with urban usage. There is
lesser absorption of CO2 by trees and more prevalence of harmful CO2 in
the atmosphere with fewer trees. Also, this refers to oxygen deficiency on
the planet.

Another prime factor of climate change is the burning of fossil fuels
and the emission of dangerous greenhouse gases from industries,
refrigerators, air conditioners, automobiles, etc. These activities result in air
pollution and acid rain. The toxic greenhouse gases and clouds of dust form
a cover in the atmosphere. The cover allows solar radiation of lower
wave lengths to enter the earth’s atmosphere. However, getting reflecting
from the earth’s surface, as the solar wave lengths increase, they get blocked by the gaseous cover. Thus the radiation is contained, and the earth gets warmed up.

This phenomenon is called the greenhouse effect, and it is the
prime cause of global warming. Again, the use of CFCs and other toxic
chemical products is causing rapid depletion of the ozone layer, which
protects us from harmful solar radiation. Furthermore, the use of nondegradable plastics, the use of toxic pesticides and other chemicals, improper waste management, slippage of oil, and other environmental pollutions directly or indirectly contribute to environmental imbalance and
alterations in the climate.

Though the situation is alarming, we can still improve the conditions
and hope for a better and healthier world. Like any other problem, the
solution to the global problem of climate change lies in the roots of the
situation. In this challenge, the first and most crucial step would be
afforestation. Without planting trees and stopping deforestation, we can
never overcome the situation. After that, we should aloof ourselves from
burning fossils and releasing toxic gases from industries and machines to the
atmosphere. For this, we can devise alternative plans by using renewable
energies and ensure proper management of the wastes and byproducts.
Then, we should limit the use of CFCs, toxic chemicals, non-degradable
products and replace them with non-toxic and harmless compounds.
Policies should be made in the use of automobiles. Finally, we can make
space for both our needs and nature by proper energy-efficient
industrialization and planned urbanization. Only by suppressing our greed and conditioning our luxuries can we lessen climate change and let the earth heal.

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