5 Things check before buying second hand mobile

At present mobile phone is a vital communicative media for a human being. A lots of people of the world are using Mobile phone everyday.But most of them are using new mobile phone and some of them are using old second hand Mobile phone.Actually in some cases we can buy quality second hand mobile with lower price.This is good for anyone.But some cases,  Second hand mobile may be the causes of serious hazard and problems. If you don’t check properly you may face the harassment by the law enforcement authorities. So, it is very much essential to check everything before buying a second hand mobile. Given below the top Five things that you must notice at the time of buying second hand mobile.

Physical Conditions :

At the very first of buying second hand mobile, you have to check the physical conditions of the mobile.

*Check the mobile Networking system.

* Check the speaker where it is good or bad.

* Check whether is there any spot or not on it.

* Age of the mobile phone.

Bill Voucher :

When you will buy a second hand mobile, you will ask for the bill paper. This voucher is necessary not only for Checking whether the mobile is of thefts  or legal but also for selling in future or to ensure guarantee. Dial *#06#, then you will get the IMEI ( International Mobile Equipment Identify) number and then check this IMEI with the IMEI of voucher. If the warranty time is past, yet you will take the voucher. 

স্মার্টফোনের ব্যাটারি ভাল রাখার সহজ উপায়

Check The Touch Screen :

Touch screen is a very vital part if a smartphone. If touch screen isn’t functioning properly, your every plan will nip in the bud. Apparently, It may look new yet some defect may have in touch screen. So swipe in everywhere to check whether the touch screen is working properly or not.

Check The Camera Lens :

Most of the time,we buy new phone checking the camera lens, pixels etc. So before buying second hand smartphone, you should notice that is there any scratch on the lens or not?. Is there any fault in camera of that particular smartphone.

Others physical fitness :

* Is the charging point accurate?

* Bring your own headphone to check to sound

*Call to someone to judge normal speaker and loud speaker of the smartphone.

* Is there any scratch sign or not.Notice it carefully.

Finally The most important Matter:

Never buy a theft smartphone. It may suffer you a lot.

At last, Try not to buy second hand smartphone, Yet if you would like to buy that, notice on above criterion which will help you to judge the right smartphone.

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