Female Education Paragraph- 100,150,200 & 250 words

Paragraph on female Education
Paragraph on female Education

Female Education Paragraph 100 Words

Female education is very important for the development of a nation. In our county half of the population are female. We cannot prosper by avoiding this half of the population. But most of the women are not getting their education. Because many people think that a female doesn’t need to study. These kinds of people also interrupt a female to do any official work. They don’t believe that a woman can also take part in all work. By feeling the importance of female education our government has taken many important steps. The government is trying to aware of the mass people about female education. Because female education is essential for the betterment of our country.

Female Education Paragraph 150 Words

Women are half of our total population. No nation can prosper if the half of population become illiterate. Female education is too much important for a country. A female is a future mother. If a female becomes educated, her children also will be educated. Not only that a female can also do everything that a man can do. An educated woman can also participate in the sector for nation building.

In our county, our government has taken so many steps for female education. Their steps encourage them to continue their studies. Besides this, the government has taken a great step to enlighten all those people who think that a female doesn’t need to study. To make people aware of female education the mass media is playing a great role by telecasting films, drama, cartoons etc. We believe that one day no female will be illiterate.

Female Education Paragraph 200 Words

Almost half of the entire population of Bangladesh are women. They are not at all negligible. But it is a matter of sorrow that most of them are illiterate. Most men and not only men but also women also think that female education is not so important. This happens just because they are not enlightened. Woman’s education is very much essential for a country’s well-being. Though many men don’t encourage them to participate in economic activities. No nation can prosper without educating the half population of a country.

By understanding the importance of educating female students, our government has taken many steps for their education. Firstly, Government is giving scholarship facilities to women in education. This financial help encourages a lot of guardians to send their girls to school. Besides, a huge number of aged and illiterate women are taking education in night school. Mass media is also playing a big role by telecasting movies, drama, cartoons which is making people aware of female education. By doing all these things one-day all-female will be also educated and they will get proper respect for what they deserve.

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Female Education Paragraph 250 Words

 Women are half of our total population. But in the previous ages, women were hardly able to get an education. Nowadays the tradition is changing day by day. The government has taken a series of steps to educate the girls. In our country at the primary level, the students are provided free education along with the monthly payment. These initiatives encourage the students to get primary education.

This step is becoming effective for the last few years and opens the little girls’ scope to have an interest in education. At the secondary level, the girl students are given free education with a monthly scholarship. This encourages them to continue their education. But for the past years, free education is confined up to the secondary level. So, most of the female students used to finish their studies after the SSC examination due to social and financial problems. But the present government has initiated a new scheme to make female students more educated through free schooling with financial assistance.

Besides, there is also a mass education programme at night schools and aged Literacy centres for women. The NGOs are also taking programmes to educate the village women. To make people aware of female education, the mass media play a great role by telecasting and broadcasting feature films, drama, cartoons etc. The combined campaign for female education is creating a revolution in the women’s community. So, the rate of Literacy between men and women is gradually decreasing their gap. So, I hope that one day every woman will become educated.


What is female Education

Female Education is the prerequisite for the development of a nation. When women get opportunities to take part in the education sector then they can easily improve their fortune.

Why do female education essential?

Nelson Mandela said,” Give me an educated mother, I will give you an educated nation.” The nation that emphasises female education the nation is moving faster towards improvement.


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