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My aim in life paragraph Question

What is your aim in life?

Why is your choice this for your aim life?

What are you doing for this aim of life?

What will you do after achieving your aim in life?

My aim in life paragraph for beginning level

Everyone has an aim in one’s life . Student life is the ideal time to set your own life goal. My aim in life is to be a good teacher. I always like to learn from others and learn something new on my own. So I want to take teaching as my profession. And a good teacher is always a person of respect in society. I always try to accept my teachers’ ideals. I will become a teacher and give real education to my students. And I think every life needs to set a beautiful goal like mine. A beautiful goal can create a beautiful future.

My aim in life paragraph for intermediate level

Each of us has an aim in life. Creating your own goals in student life is essential for every student. That goal can be achieved through hard work and perseverance in setting goals in student life. So each of us should set our own goals in student life. Students who cannot set their own goals in life cannot go far in life. My aim in life is to a doctor. I will continue to persevere in my life to be a doctor. A big part of life is to work hard and study to be a doctor. There is no substitute for study and research to be a good doctor. In human society, a doctor is a blessing. Physicians do social work by providing services to patients. Many doctors provide free treatment to poor and helpless patients. And this is what inspires me to become a doctor. I desire to be a good doctor and provide free services to poor and helpless patients. My family has always helped me to maintain this goal and reach it. I think everyone from student life should have such a goal.

My aim in life paragraph for Advance level

Each of us needs to have a specific goal in life. We can take life forward to set specific goals, and we have to create these goals from student life. Everyone has a different kind of life goal. My aim in life is to become an army officer. It’s a lot of perseverance and hard work to meet this goal. I want to take the army as a profession to serve the country. My love for the country has always made me eager to work for the country. And the armies are always engaged in the service of the country and the nation. Just as the heroic Bengalis gave their lives for the country’s independence during the war of liberation, now the army is always risking its life to protect the country’s independence. As an army officer, I will also want to work for the independent defence of the country. I think the goal and purpose of everyone life should be to work for patriotism and the country. In the service of the country lies its own development and peace. Every student has to set his goal in life, and this goal has to go ahead so that the country and the nation will improve.

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