A farmer paragraph । the life of a farmer paragraph ।

the life of a farmer
the life of a farmer । a farmer paragraph ।

Question: Write a paragraph on “life of a farmer” . You will get the answer of the following question on a farmer paragraph.

  1. Who is a farmer?
  2. What are the daily activities of a farmer?
  3. What are the contribution of a farmer in our nation?
  4. How much can he meet the basic needs of his family?
  5. What is his social status of a farmer?
  6. How can he improve his poor condition?
  7. What steps should take to improve agricultural product ?

A Farmer paragraph for beginning level

A farmer is one who does farm. Farmers usually lead a normal life. Farmers work in the field all day. Very early in the morning, they go to work in the field. They work hard to grow crops. The farmer eats lunch and rests in the grain field. Much of the farmer’s good harvest depends on nature. When there is a good harvest, the mind of the farmer is full of joy. The poor yield of the crop hurts the farmer. Farmers usually live-in small cottages. Their families live with great difficulty. Sometimes their families have to starve. Most of the time the sons and daughters of the farmers are deprived of education. They do not get the benefit of entertainment and opportunities. We need to come forward to cooperate with the farmers. The government also needs to come forward for the betterment of agriculture.

A Farmer paragraph for intermediate level

A farmer is a person who cultivates land and grows crops. Usually, farmers live in rural life. Farmers usually lead a normal life but they are very important people in our society. He works in the field all day from morning to evening. He wakes up very early in the morning and goes to cultivate the land and cultivates the land with simple hand-made machinery. There are both good and bad times in a farmer’s life. A good harvest is a time of great joy and happiness for a farmer. Having a good harvest, he gets a good price. On the other hand, when crop yields are bad due to bad weather, the farmer is upset and has to spend the days hungry. A farmer cannot meet his basic needs even if he works hard. Farmers are not valued in our society but a farmer is an ideal person in our society who works to provide us with food. They play a significant role in keeping the country’s economy afloat. Through joint action, everyone can improve my farmers and the agricultural sector. The government should cooperate with the farmers for the betterment of this sector. It is possible to keep the farmers active by providing small interest-free interest and purchasing machinery.

A Farmer paragraph for Advance level

A farmer is one who cultivates the land and makes a living from it. As Bangladesh is a major agricultural country, most of the people here make a living by farming. The farmers here usually live in villages and grow crops on the land next to their houses. Their way of life is normal. They work all day in the sun and in the rain. He starts work very early in the morning and works in the field all day and returns home in the evening at the end of the day. Most of the time the fate of the farmers depends on good weather and bad weather. If the weather is good, the yield of the cultivated land of the farmer is good and if the weather is bad, the yield of the cultivated land of the farmer is bad. Farmers are happy when the yield of cultivated land is good. In our society, farmers are at a lower level but they are the ideal people of our society. They help keep our economy afloat. Most of the time farmers cannot meet their basic needs. Especially due to lack of facilities, they have to face all these problems. We must work together to move farmers forward. Because the cooperation of farmers will move our economy forward. Farmers need to be cooperated to meet the demand for food and to make the country’s agriculture import-oriented. For this, the government has to take various steps so that agriculture can go ahead with the help of farmers.

Farmer profession is a nobel profession. Bangladesh is a agricultural country.Our economy depends on agricultural products. So a farmer contributes more to improve our society.



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