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Gender discrimination Paragraph

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What is gender discrimination?
Who are the victims of gender discrimination?
What are the causes and effects of gender discrimination?
How do we solve gender discrimination?

The half of the population of the world is women so they are the integral part of our society. The best judgemental way of a man is his/her merit or talent. Any types of discrimination are totally backloggings for the betterment of our society. Gender discrimination is the discriminatory treatment Against women. Mainly women are being the victim of discrimination in varoius sectors in our society.  The people who humiliate women in their working place,school,College or University, They are dangerous for the peace of our society. Any types of discrimination  create a long term social disorder. Human being is called the Supreme creatures of God. So, every man and women will be treated as equal in their working place.Women by birth is not an offence. women can conquer the whole world. At present, there is no way by which you will humiliate women because of her gender. If you look at the world you will see a lot of women are working in the highest position of various organisation. Also it is well known that a lots of women are doing their jobs as top rated decision maker of different organisation.Women are doing well in their job fields,specially they are devoted to their work.Every year almost 2/3 women get nobel prize. It’s being possible only the talent and devoted mentality towards work of a woman. Specially women are the main victim of gender discrimination. Any types of discrimination create a bad impact in the mind of any human. For this reason,productivity is decreased day by day.The solution of gender discrimination is proper education. Positive mentality among all levels of people towards  women may eradicate inequalities and gender discrimination.

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gender discrimination in bangladesh

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What is gender discrimination?
Who are the victims of gender discrimination?
What are the causes of gender discrimination?
What problems may face our society for gender discrimination?
How to solve gender discrimination?

Gender discrimination means the unequal treatment between boys and girls. Also gender discrimination defines as the discriminatory behaviour towards female in our society. Mainly women are the main victims of gender discrimination in various spheres of our society.Actually this types of discrimination start from the very beginning of birth of a female child. Discrimination  start from your family where male and female child aren’t treated equally. And then this discrimination spreads all around the country and every stages our society. Gender discrimination is expressed in social norms,culture, values,attitudes and behaviour. A discriminatory attitudes of a male child is built from the very early stage of his life because of our social norms, values and attitudes towards women. Some aged people believe that women are the machine of birth of child.They are not competent for education, jobs or any other social works.All we know that Women are the half of the total population, so it is quiet difficult to enrich your country keeping women backwards to our society. If we would like to improve your country, we have to demolish any types of discrimination  against women.women of our society are the backbone of nursing the future generation. So there are no alternatives of women education and their empowerment. Women’s  earning ability and decision making capacity indicate women empowerment. Women’s participation in all spheres of our society may reduce gender discrimination.

Actually gender inequality is very harmful for the peaceful growth of a society. To ensure social development, we have to remove any types of inequality from our country.

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