Tree plantation paragraph

Tree plantation paragraph for class 1, 2,3 students

Trees are one of the best gifts for animals. Trees give us oxygen which is invertible for our lives.Human life can’t survive for a single moments without oxygen.Trees are the main sources of oxygen. Trees give us food.The fruits of a tree help the birds and other animals to survive its lives.Trees helps us by its wood.we made various types of furniture using the wood of trees.we prepare medicine by the trees.Previously man only use the various parts of trees for many accidents and diseases. Birds prepare its home on the branches of tree plantation is very much essential for us.

Tree plantation paragraph – 150 words for the classes of 4 and 5 children

Trees are the best approach to support nature.Trees help to keep our nature healthier, greener and livelier.Trees provide us pure oxygen. Oxygen is the main ingredient of our living. So we need to plant trees to keep calm, quiet and tranquil of nature. Trees grow naturally by the spreading its seed from one place to another   by birds, air,water or various ways.But people cutting trees regularly for their necessities.we are entering in the new city life and building a lots of infrastructure for various purposes. The decreasing of trees indicates a bad sign for our nature. As the trees will decrease, as the more natural calamities will happen. Because of the lacking of trees,our peaceful nature becoming rough day by day.The more we plant trees, the more our environment will be livelier.Trees gives us nutrients fruits for us.So we need to plant trees more and more.

Tree plantation paragraph -200 words for class Six,Seven and eight

Trees are called the life savers of all animals of the world.Trees help to keep equal biodiversity. Trees gives us oxygen for breathing. We can’t live a minute without oxygen. So think again,how do the trees essential for us? But we are cutting trees indiscriminately. The lack of trees brings many the natural disaster which creates severe damages for our nature.we gets fruits and foods from trees.We make a lots of furniture by the wood. A country should be at 25% forest of total land area.But A large proportion of the country of the world don’t have like that.Trees gives us natural medicine in our diseases. The more we plant trees, the more we get advantages to keep quiet and calm our nature.Trees protect us from serious natural disaster. Birds make its house on the trees.Trees gives us shade. Villagers take rest under the trees that give peace in their mind.Trees increase the beauty of a house.The fragrance of flower keep our mind tranquil.But Some people are cutting trees day by day.Yet they don’t plant a single seed of a tree. Tree plantation day is observed all over the world. The main theme of tree plantation day is to encourage people  to plant trees.So we should try to plant trees more and more.

Tree plantation paragraph – 250 words for the students of class 9 and 10

Trees are the main things to survive in the world. Trees saves our lives giving oxygen,wood,medicine,shelter from strom and disaster etc.Without trees,we can’t image a calm,quiet and tranquil world.Unfortunately A lots of trees are being cut indiscriminately regularly by some greedy people. A country should be at least twenty-five percent forest of it’s total land area.But Most of the country of the world don’t have like that. In this moment tree plantation is very much essential to keep calm our beautiful world.Our government is taking steps to enrich more tree plantation process. Tree plantation day is observed all Over the world. The main objectives the tree plantation day is to encourage mass people to plant more trees.we get various delicious fruits from trees.our medical science is developed by the various ingredients of trees.Different parts of trees like-fruits,leaves,roots are important for many medical treatment purpose.Generally trees grows naturally. But day by day our forest area is decreasing. So trees don’t increase vastly.To keep balance of environment, we need to plant more and more trees regularly. In fine,Trees saves our lives,so we should save trees lives.Trees help us at the time of strom,cyclone etc.Trees are the main sources of natural beauty. The fragrance of flower increases the purity of mind.There is a proverb is that,The people who loves flower can’t kill a human. So we will plant a lots of tree for the betterment of our country and all over the world.

Tree plantation paragraph for class 11 and 12 also for competitive exam. (300 words)

The tree is the most important element of natural beauty.It is a blessings for human being. But this huge gift of mankind given by the Creator has been lost due to human negligence. The forest area is decreasing day by day. The natural beauty of the world is lost. Even in its absence the existence of our earth is now threatened. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. Government and non-government are getting involved in it day by day.Government in encourages people to plant more trees.Yet it is nothing when it comes to needs and wants. So the young organization “Sanctuary” realized the need of the country and the world and has been organizing this tree planting for several years. There was no redundancy in the original arrangement but there was no lack of interest or sincerity.All we know that trees saves our lives.Now nationally and internationally tree plantation day is observed to ensure planting more trees to keep and calm and quiet our country and all over the world.The tree is man’s tried and tested friend. From time immemorial, the tree has saved people, saved the earth, and continues to do so today. Trees are at the root of this huge biodiversity and natural diversity of the world.Trees give us oxygen. Oxygen is the main elements to live in the world for any animal. Most of the country are trying to enhance their tree plantation programme day by day.Trees are the best friends for human. Because without trees we can think our existence. Trees are used for various purpose like- medicine, wood, firewood,shade etc.Trees protect us from heavy strom and cyclone.  So we need to plant a large proportion of trees to keep calm and tranquil our world.