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water pollution paragraph for ssc
water pollution paragraph for hsc

Water is a inevitable part of our lives.water is indispensable for human life after air. It saves our life. Without water we can’t imagine the existence of lives on earth above all the universe. So water pollution is totally unexpected for our earth.But this types of pollution is enhancing so fast. We are adding here this pollution related essay for various levels of students like easy,medium and advanced .

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water pollution paragraph for 100 words (Easy)

Water is an important element for human life, animals and Plants.water is the most resources for surviving on earth. Water pollution means the various ways of polluting water.It is being polluted by a lots of activities. It saves our lives. Polluted water is dangerous for all species and ecosystems.It affects plant and organisms in every spheres. Agricultural and industrial sector are one of the main causes of pollution in water. Industrial wastages and Agricultural insects are detrimental to not only for water but also for overall environment. Human population is increasing day by day for this reason various types of pollution are generating fast.To save human life and other plants and animals, a drastic change of our habit is Indispensable

Water pollution paragraph for 150 words (medium)

The another name of water is life.We need water to survive our lives.But polluted water may cause of death.water pollution is called the process of mixing toxic substance with pure water. It affects the full eco-system of the earth.The causes of the source of these pollution are divided into two sections, firstly Man made pollution secondly natural pollution. Human being are the main causes of pollution. Besides agricultural and industrial wastage also the reason of it. Aquatic plants and lives face a vulnerable conditions on polluted water. Water is essential to run properly our health. Everyone expects a sound health to carry the whole life. But water is being polluted by mixing various insects and wastage. There are various natural causes of pollution like earthquakes, acid rain,flood, simoom,cyclone etc.This polluted water is harmful for the sound health of human being. So everybody should careful to keep clean our water to save human lives.

Water Pollution Paragraph for 200 words (simple)

Water Pollution Paragraph for SSC :

Water saves our lives. But it is being polluted day by day in an alarming way. So, It is becoming a burning issue to the world leaders. Researchers defined that water pollution is one of the main causes of environmental pollution. So, Now a days, It’s a matter of headache. If this pollution can’t reduce properly, near future we may face a devastation. That wouldn’t be better for our future generation. Basically, human beings are mainly responsible for this water pollution. They throw garbage, chemical insects, industrial wastes to water. These types of activities not only create water pollution but also happen air pollution. Pollution impacts negatively in our society. A lots of health diseases happen because of this polluted water. Three percent of whole water of the earth is fresh water. of that, only 1.2 percent can be used in drinking purpose. Not only in drinking purpose, this 1.2 percentage is used in washing, agriculture and industry. So, it will be punishable act if we pollute our water. All we know that; Water is the inevitable parts of our daily life. So, our world leaders should take immediate action to save water from any types pollution.

Water Pollution Paragraph for 250 words (Advanced)

Water is an essential element for our lives. It is the most important need of the lives on earth. It is the one of the precious gifts of nature for the mankind. Without water we can’t survive on the earth. Water is necessary not only for our drinking to survive but also for our daily life purposes like – freshening, bathing,cooking,cleaning and washing. Every organism in the world needs water to save life. But we are polluting water in various ways. And we are faceing a lots of hazards because of these pollution. water pollution is one of the severe cause of death and disease on our body in worldwide. pollution is the severe issue affecting our lives in many ways. It causes harm to human being, animals, trees and others constituents of environments. Everyday water is getting polluted through many sources like urban runoff, industrial wastages, agricultural chemicals, sedimentary, leaching from coastline, animal wastages and other human activities. Various dangerous chemical mixed with water and make the water unsafe for our bodies. A lot of wastages are throwing into water every day that create a massive pollution on water. Safewater is very much essential for our daily lives. so, we should conserve water to safe human lives on earth.

Every student has a great expectation to make good result in final examination.Above paragraph will help you to carry a cut figure on the examination.We are trying to write paragraph considering the mentality of various levels of students.For this reason, we devided this paragraph on for beginner medium and advanced level.This parapraph will be helpful for the students of primary,ssc,hsc also for job examinees.