during vs while exercises

during vs while
during vs while in english grammar

During vs While. Is during a preposition? Details study

During vs while. At a glance we seem that the use of during and while both are same. But there are some differences in practical use following the grammatical rules.

during vs while exercises

Both during and while are closely related in grammatically. Both of the words are use to indicate time of action.

Is during a preposition or conjunction?

The word ‘during’ is a preposition which is used before an activity to indicate the parallel action. Here two or more action are performed in the same time .


What did you do during reading?

He feels asleep during conversation.

Justin cried during wind storm.

During is followed by the noun. This noun represents the activity.(During+noun)


We spent a pleasure moments during study tour.

During class time,don’t talk so much.

Is while a preposition or conjunction?

The word while is not a preposition. It is a conjunction. While is used to refer the background period of time when another activity happened.

Example-during vs while exercises

They were taking some keynotes while professor gave the lecture to the students.

She snores while i was sleeping.

While is followed by a new clause (While+subject+verb+object)

We finished our task while he was reading.

They were playing footbal while it was raining.

During vs while with image:

English grammar is not so difficult. But you have to practice regularly to enhance your skill. Grand Learning School discuss about various english grammar vocabulary and expression.


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