prepositional verb

prepositional verbs
prepositional verbs

prepositional verb 0r Preposition with verbs

From the definition, Prepositional verb is the combination of verb and preposition. Prepositional verb simply a verb followed by the preposition. In English grammar preposition and verb both are very important. To learn English you must have to take a lesson about preposition and verbs. Verb is called the heart of a sentence. So it is very much essential to learn about verbs.

Prepositional verb= Verb+ preposition

Today we will learn about prepositional verbs and prepositional verbs examples sentence

Number One- “use of preposition for

  • Care for (Like)- Jimi doesn’t care for fizzy drinks;She prefer water.
  • Look for (search)- He couldn’t find his pen so he started looking for it.
  • Ask for (demand or request)- Jupitar asked her father for money.
  • Prepare for (attend)- He is preparing himself for facing viva.
  • Apologize for (urge)- I want to apologize for my fault.
  • Work for (co-operate)- Ratan works for a multinational Company.
  • Blame for (condemn)- He blames Juli for the breaking up his relation.
  • Thanks for(praise)-  Thank Rimi for your nice gift

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