effect or affect in english grammar

affect vs effect in english grammar
affect vs effect in english grammar

affect vs effect in english grammar

Both of those words are noun and verb. It is very confusing to identify the differences of those two words. Especially a lot of people pronounce these two words in the same ways. That also create problem to separate these two.

Here we will discuss the basic guidelines of effect vs affect .If you read attentively and watch the vedio  then it is possible for you understand the topic very easily. So , lets start..

What does affect mean?

Simply affect is verb.

Affect means to impact on or to influence or to produce a change in something.

For Example-

the snowfall affected the traffic of the road.

The rain severely affected our family picnic on the summer vacation.

What does effect mean?

Effect is usually noun.

Simply effect means a result or outcomes of a change.

For example-

I like black coffee; the effect is amazing.

The effect of this weather was that we all get wet.

How to remember affect vs effect easily?

These two words are very confusing to understand and also difficult to remember.so we are trying to show two basic rules to memorise easily. If you want to remember these two confusing words easily.

No 01. Follow the rules to memorize

Affect-with an A is Action

Effect – with an E is the End result.

No.02 Help you to memorize easily

This tricks also will help you memorise these two words easily and effectively

At first ,you have to memorise the word “RAVEN”

R= Remember


V= verb

E= Effect

N= Noun

Some Exception of effect vs affect :

Effect works as a verb.

Effect as a verb means to bring about.

For example:

Our family wants to effect change in our public parks.

Affect works as a noun.

Affect as a noun feeling, emotion or specific emotional response.

For example:

My brother had a flat affect throughout the soggy ordeal.  

If you think that these information is helpful to you,and…

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Actually English grammar is essential for the foreign learners. English is an international language. A lots of people are trying to learn English grammar english vocabulary everyday.


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