Environment Pollution Paragraph

environmental pollution paragraph
environmental pollution paragraph

Environment Pollution paragraph for beginner level

The environment is the best gift for mankind. The environment is everything that is naturally around us. Environmental pollution is the result of bad human activities. Natural disasters occur with abnormal changes in the environment. However, in most cases, the pollution of the environment is due to man-made causes. Environmental pollution causes a variety of harms to humans and nature. Air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution etc are the main causes of pollution.

Excessive deforestation and urbanization are polluting the environment. Throwing dirt and chemical products into the water is fatal to the environment. Vehicle noise and toxic fumes are harmful to the environment. Excessive use of chemicals and pesticides in the soil also harms the soil and the environment. For all these reasons, the present world is facing a serious environmental catastrophe. Environmental pollution is responsible for any major natural disaster. So, there is no alternative to raising awareness on environmental pollution. Failure to stop environmental pollution now could lead to major catastrophes in the future.

Environmental Pollution paragraph for Intermediate level

The environment is the aggregate of the surrounding physical condition, climate and other influencing organisms. We are polluting our nature due to various reasons and loses its normal balance. The main cause of environmental pollution is various man-made anti-environmental activities. People are especially responsible for environmental pollution. Environmental pollution is mainly known as water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, air pollution.

Environmental pollution due to radioactive substances, environmental pollution due to chemicals, factory waste etc. Excessive deforestation destroys the balance of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen in nature. Toxic fumes from factories mix with the air and upset the balance of the environment. More dust in the air sands and is a disaster for the environment. It causes various respiratory diseases in the human body. Water pollution also upsets the balance of the environment and pollutes the environment.

The dumping of factory waste and chemicals in the river pollutes the environment. When there is too much acid in the air, rainwater only has a high pH which is harmful to the environment and plants. If you don’t throw garbage in the right place, the environment gets polluted. Smoke and horns from vehicles pollute the air and noise environment. As a result of all this environmental pollution, human beings and animals are facing huge losses. Therefore, it is necessary to take effective measures and create awareness to prevent environmental pollution. Only public awareness can protect us from this horrible pollution which is a threat to our future lives.

Environmental pollution paragraph for advanced level

Environment pollution means the pollution of our surroundings. Our environment is our asset. But we are polluting this asset regularly. Since pollution is increasing gradually so global warming is also enhancing vastly. Because environmental pollution and global warming are closely related. Environmental pollution creates an imbalance in nature and that causes the extinction of birds, animals, plants etc. The contaminated environment is known as environmental pollution.

The charm of the environment is very much essential for our daily lives. It will be difficult for us to survive in the polluted air. Actually, the environment is polluting for various reasons like the use of polyethene, petroleum, excess population, unplanned urbanization etc. Due to this, we are suffering a lot. Moreover, the world is producing a ton of garbage every day but there are few suitable places to discharge it. Actually, environmental pollution is a vast concept of pollution.

It includes air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution everything. People are cutting down trees indiscriminately. So, Environmental pollution is becoming very much a threat to our earth. As we pollute or nature as all human beings will face distress. Actually, to eradicate environmental pollution, there are no alternatives to planting trees and the proper garbage management systems.

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So, you read the Environment Pollution paragraph attentively and try to memorize this to write properly on the exam paper.

Frequently asked questions about environmental pollution. paragraph on environmental pollution in 100 words

  • What is Environment pollution?

The contaminated environment is known as a polluted environment. Environment pollution means the pollution of our surroundings by nature or by human beings.

  • Types of pollution:

There are no fixed types of pollution but pollution may be in several types.

  • How can you control the environment pollution?

First and foremost, the duty to prevent environmental pollution is to planting huge trees around us.

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