Parts of Speech: nouns,verbs, adjectives, adverbs

noun verb adjective adverb list
noun verb adjective adverb list

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Noun : The name of something is called noun. Generally it may be person,place,things or idea. Noun can be singular or plural . Noun is often used with article (a,an,the) but not in all time. Proper Noun begins with Capital letter. Suppose – The Amazon river is the biggest river of the world. Some examples of Noun: Newyork, Justine, Sundarbans etc.

Pronoun : Pronoun is a word that is the substitute of noun. Pronoun is used in replace of noun or noun phrase. Pronoun are 9 in types: Personal Pronoun– he,they we. Demonstrative Pronoun– this,that,these. Interrrogative pronoun– who,which,whose .Indefinite pronoun– None,several, any . Possessive Pronoun– ours,their,my,his . Reciprocal Pronoun– each other,one another . Relative Pronoun– Who,which,that . Reflexive Pronoun– itself,himself,ourselves. Intensive Pronoun– Mainly Intensive pronouns are used to emphasize their antecedent .Like I myself do this task.

Verb: Verb indicates the action. The action of something is called verb. Sometimes the main verb takes helping verbs. He can do the job. Here ‘can’ is a helping verb. Verbs are 3 types: Action verbs, helping verbs and Linking verbs. Action verbs: eat, go, make etc. Helping verbs: The verb that helps the main verb. Jessika could learn to drive car.  Linking Verbs: The verbs that mainly works as a connector between subject and object as a same thing. Austin became an entrepreneur.

Adjectives: Adjective is the word that modifies noun or pronouns. Examples- The nice girl is dancing on the stage.

Adverbs: The word that modify verbs, adjectives or another adverb. Generally, adverbs give the answer of the question where, how, when or under which condition.

Preposition: Preposition is a word that place before noun or pronoun. Example- The dog jumped out of the moving train. With, at, in, on, before, without etc.

Conjunctions: The word Conjunctions make joining between two or more sentences or phrases. Example- and, but, or etc.

Interjection: The word interjection is used to express emotion. Example- oh!… wow! oops!

List of nouns,verbs, adjectives, adverbs

Verbs Nouns Adjectives Adverbs
Act (আচরণকরা) Action Active Actively
Act Activity Active Actively
Act Activeness Active Actively
Achieve Achievement Achievable  
Accept Acceptance Acceptable  
Add Addition Additional  
Adjust adjustment Adjustable  
Admire Admiration Admirable  
Advise Advice Advisable  
Amass Mass Massive Massively
Amazed Amazement Amazing  
Verbs Nouns Adjectives Adverbs
Amuse Amusement Amazing  
Annoy Annoyance Annoying  
Approach Approach Approachable  
Attend Attention Attentive  
Attract Attraction Attractive  
avoid Avoidance Avoidable  
Believe Belief Believable  
Blacken Blackness Black  
Bleed Blood Bloody  
Bore Boredom Boring  
Bother-বিরকত Botheration Bothering  

nouns,verbs, adjectives, adverbs

Verbs Nouns Adjectives Adverbs
Breathe Breath Breathing  
Bury Burial Buried  
Care Care Careful Carefully
Chase Chase Chasing  
Choose Choice Chosen  
Cheer Cheerfulness Cheerful Cheerfully
Challenge Challenge Challenging  
Clear Clarity Clear Clearly
Collect Collection Collective Collectively
Comfort Comfort Comfortable Comfortably
Complex Complexity Complex  
Verbs Nouns Adjectives Adverbs
Consider Consideration Considerable Considerably
Confuse Confusion Confused  
Console Consolation Consoled  
Continue Continuity Continuous Continuously
Craze Craze Crazy Crazily
Create Creation Creative Creatively
Cure Cure Curable  
Credit Credit Creditable Creditably
Curse Curse Cursed  
Decide Decision Decisive  
Delight Delight Delightful Delightfully
Verbs Nouns Adjectives Adverbs
Damage Damage Damaged  
Deafen Deafness Deaf  
Decorate Decoration Decorative  
Demand Demand Demanding  
Deserve Deserve Deserving  
Derive Derivation Derivative  
Develop Development Developing  
Destroy Destruction Destructive Destructively
Die Death Dead  
Distrub Disturbance Disturbing  
Dust Dust Dusty  
Verbs Nouns Adjectives Adverbs
Empower Power Powerful  
Embarrass Embarrassment Embarrassing  
Educate Education Educative  
Empty Emptiness Empty  
Encourage Courage Courageous Courageously
Encircle Circle Circular Circularly
Endanger Danger Dangerous Dangerously
Enumerate Number Numberable  
Enthuse Enthusiasm Enthusiastic  
Evaporate Evaporation Evaporating  
Envy Envy Envious Enviously
Verbs Nouns Adjectives Adverbs
Explain Explanation Explainable  
Expect Expectation Expected Expectedly
Explore Exploration Exploring  
Firm Firmness Firm Firmly
Feed Food    
Fly Flight Flying  
Force Force Forceful Forcefully
Grow Growth Growing Growingly
Glorify Glory Glorious Gloriously
Hate Hatred Hateful Hatefully
Harm Harm Harmful Harmfully
Verbs Nouns Adjectives Adverbs
Hope Hope Hopeful Hopefully
Heal Health Healthy Healthily
Identify Identity Identifying  
Indentify Identification Identified  
Imitate Imitation Imitative Imitatively
Impress Impression Impressive Impressively
Indicate Indication Indicative Indicatively
inhabit Habitat Inhabitant  
include Inclusion Inclusive Inclusively
Inform Information Informative  
Injure Injury Injurious  
Verbs Nouns Adjectives Adverbs
Instruct Instruction Instructive  
Inquire Inquiry Inquiring  
Intent Intention Intentional Intentionally
Insult Insult Insulting Insultingly
Introduce Introduction Introductory  
Interfere Interference Interfering  
Irritate Irritation Irritating  
Invent Invention Inventive  
Lose Loss Lost  
Lead Leadership Leading Leadingly
Live Life alive livingly
Verbs Nouns Adjectives Adverbs
Live Life Lively Livingly
Live Liveliness Lively Livingly
Migrate Migration Migrating  
Madden Madness Mad Madly
Modernise Modernity Modern  
Monotonies Monotony Monotonous Monotonously
Moisten Moisture Moistures  
Move Movement Movable Movingly
Nationalise Nationality National Nationwide
Narrow Narrowness Narrow  
Own ownership Own  
Verbs Nouns Adjectives Adverbs
Permit Permission Permissible  
Please Pleasure Pleasant  
Perform Performance Performing  
Persuade Persuasion Persuasive  
Popularise popularity Popular  
Quicken Quickness Quick Quickly
Redden Redness Red  
Secure Security Secured Securely
Sadden Sadness Sad Sadly
Speed Speed Speedy Speedily
See Scene Scenic  
Verbs Nouns Adjectives Adverbs
See Sight Seen  
Whiten Whiteness White  

Above these are the list of nouns,verbs, adjectives, adverbs