transformation of sentences rules in bangla

Transformation of sentences:

অর্থপূর্ণ কতগুলো শব্দের সমষ্টি হল (sentence)বাক্য ।

A sentence consists of a group of meaningful words.

Sentence এর প্রকারভেদঃ

গঠন অনুসারে বাক্য ৩ প্রকারঃ

According structure sentences are 3 in types.

  1. Simple sentence
  2. Complex sentence
  3. Compound sentence

অর্থ অনুসারে বাক্য ৫ প্রকারঃ

According to meaning sentences are 5 in types:

  1. Assertive sentence
  2. Interrogative sentence
  3. Imperative sentence
  4. Optative sentence
  5. Exclamatory sentence

Sentence according to degree are 3 in types

  1. Positive degree
  2. Comparative degree
  3. Superlative degree

At first, we are going to discuss about simple sentence, complex sentence, compound sentence and the transformation system of one sentence into another

Simple sentence (সরল বাক্য): Simple sentence consist of one finite verb and one subject. (যে বাক্যে একটি মাত্র কর্তা ও একটি মাত্র সমাপিকা ক্রিয়া থাকে, তাকে সরল বাক্য বলে।)

যেমন- He is running through the road.

Complex sentence (জটিল বাক্য): Complex sentence consists of two or more clauses where one or more dependent clause and another independent clause.

(এক বা একাধিক নির্ভরশীল এবং একটি স্বাধীন বাক্যাংশ নিয়ে যে বাক্য গঠিত হয়, তাকে জটিল বাক্য বলে।)

যেমন- Because of his illness, he is absent in today’s meeting.

Compound sentence(যৌগিক বাক্য): Compound sentence consists of two or more independent clause and all of this clause are connected with various conjunction like- and, or, but etc.

(যে বাক্যে একাধিক মূল বাক্যাংশ থাকে এবং এক একটি বাক্যাংশ বিভিন্ন সংযোগ অব্যয় দ্বারা যুক্ত থাকে , তাকে যৌগিক বাক্য বলে।)

Now the Topic Transformation of sentence:

Simple to complex to compound:


Simple– verb+ ing

Complex– when/as/since

Compound– and

Now example of transformation of sentence:

Simple-Working hard, Ratul cut a good figure in the examination.

Complex– Since Ratul worked hard, he cut a good figure in the examination. (since- যেহেতু)

Compound– Ratul worked hard and cut a good fiqure in the examination.

(cut a good figure- পরীক্ষায় ভাল করা।)

Rule: 02

Simple: In spite of (সত্ত্বেও)

Complex: Though/although

Compound: But


Simple: In spite of his walking fast, he couldn’t reach the station in time.

Complex: Though he walked fast, he couldn’t reach the station in time.

Compound: He walked fast but he couldn’t reach the station in time.

(সে অনেক দ্রুত হাটার পরেও সঠিক সময়ে স্টেশনে পৌঁছাতে পারল না )

Know the details of simple sentence, complex sentence and compound sentence


Simple: By+ verb(ing)

Complex: if clause(positive)

Compound: and


Simple: By reading attentively, you will pass in the final examination.

Complex: if you read attentively, you will pass in the final examination.

Compound: Read attentively and you will pass the final examination.

Rule- 04:

Simple– without+—

Complex– if clause (negative)

Compound – imperative + or


Simple: without reading attentively, you will fail in the examination.

Complex: if you don’t read attentively, you will fail in the examination.

Compound: read attentively or you will fail in the examination.

Rule – 05:

Simple: too—to

Complex: so—that

Compound: very much—and


Simple: The man is tool too illiterate to understand it

Complex: The man is so illiterate that he can’t understand it.

Compound: The man is very illiterate and he can’t understand it.


Simple: principal clause + (to+ verb present form)

Complex: so that/in order that

Compound:   and


Simple: Rizvi works hard to succeed in his life.

Complex: Rizvi works hard so that he may succeed in his life.

Compound: Rizvi works hard and he may succeed in his life.

(রিজভী জীবনে উন্নতি করতে কঠোর পরিশ্রম করে)

Rule 07:

Simple: principal clause+ adjective+noun

Complex: relative pronoun

Compound: and


Simple: I know the old man.

Complex: I know the man who is old.

Compound: I know the man and he is old.

transformation of sentences rules in bangla Test

1.Everybody knows this(interrogative) ?

a. Does everybody knows this? b. Who does not know this? c. Who don not know this? d. Do anybody knows this?

2.Without Working hard,you will not prosper in life is a_

a. simple sentence b.complex sentence c. compound sentence d.none of them

3.Move and die(simple)

a. If you move,you will die b. by moving you will die c. without moving you will die d. b+ c

4. He is working hard ——-

 a. as he can shine in life b.that he can shine in life shine in life that he can shine in life

5. He is the best boy (positive)

a. Very few boys are as good as he b. he is a better boy c. no other boy is as good as he d.he is a best boy in

6. He likes only sweets (negative).

a. he does not like sweets b. he likes nothing but sweets c. he none but like sweets d. none of them

7. He is poor but honest (complex)

a. as he is poor, he is honest b. since he is poor he is honest c. though he is poor,he is honest d.he is poor and honest

8. I must do this (negative).

a. i cannot but doing this b. i must not do this c. i cannot help do this d. i cannot help doing this

9. Joy is only six (negative).

a. joy is not six b. joy is not less six c. joy is not more than six d. all of them

10. I know you (complex)

a.i know what you are b. i know who are you c. i know who you are d. i know that you are

Ans – 1. b 2.a 3. b 4. d 5. c 6.b 7. c 8. d 9. c 10. c

বিস্তারিত সামনে আসছে……